Myrtle singing lessons

Voice Teacher

  • Teaching: 18 yrs
  • Studio: NDG
  • Cross Street: Sherbrook – Rosedale
  • Metro: Villa-Maria/Vendome
  • Bus: 105, 162
  • Languages: EN

Price per lesson

Level Taught:  beginner, intermediate, advanced

Ages taught: 12 and above 

  • Basic understanding of vocal anatomy  
  • Breathing exercises
  • Sound production
  • Vocalise
  • Ear-training
  • Music listening and appreciation

My goal is to guide each budding singer to a point where singing feels just as natural and comfortable as speaking. I want each student to understand that the singing voice is an extension of their speaking voice and this is an opportunity to discover oneself as a living, and breathing instrument; building an instrument, before adopting a style. I am also passionate about music literacy, and vocalists being just as knowledgeable in that area as other instrumentalists; so, if that’s a path some voice students want to pursue, I am pleased to grow them in the skill of reading music.


    • Masters degree in Jazz voice performance at Mcgill University (current)
    • Concordia University – Graduate Diploma in Advanced Music Performance (2005)
    • Concordia University – Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music (2000)
    • Mcgill conservatory – 15 years (piano)
    • Vanier College – Music Interpretation

Caribbean-Canadian-born vocalist and flautist Myrtle Thomas has been involved in vocal performance and the musical stage since childhood. Classically trained for 15 years in Piano through the McGill Conservatory and Vanier College, Ms. Thomas holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (2000) and Graduate Diploma in Advanced Music Performance Studies (2005) from Concordia University in classical flute. Myrtle began to explore in detail her vocal capabilities and technique nearing the end of her undergrad and during her Gr. Dip. Studies (2000-2007) through Concordia, the Jam Vocal School of Music, and private classical voice studies. A journey as a conductor and vocal coach, fueled by the participation in Gospel and classical choirs (1992 – present). She presently is completing a Master’s Thesis degree in Jazz Performance at McGill University. 

Not currently offering in-person lessons.

Online video lessons available through Zoom.