Myrtle Voice


Voice/flute/piano Instructor

  • Teaching: 16 yrs
  • Studio: NDG
  • Cross Street: Sherbrook – Rosedale
  • Metro: Villa-Maria/Vendome
  • Bus: 105, 162
  • Languages: EN, FR

Level Taught: beginner, intermediate, advanced

Voice Lessons:

The singing voice is an extension of the speaking voice. My goal is to guide each budding singer to a point where singing feels just as natural and comfortable as speaking. I believe it’s important for singers to be musically literate just as instrumentalists are, so if that’s a path some voice students would want to take, I am pleased to grow them in the skill of reading music. 

  • Breathing exercises
  • Sound production
  • Vocalise
  • Ear-training
  • Understanding of vocal anatomy

Piano Lessons:

Whether the goal is to learn how to play chords to accompany one-self or play a Bach Minuet on piano; This can be achieved through learning to read and locate notes on the board, technical exercises, recognizing patterns, listening, and putting it all together working on varied musical selections. 

  • Musical literacy and self-expression
  • Reading music
  • Learning technique in order to expand repertoire of choice and expressivity

Flute Lessons:

Musical literacy and self-expression. The ability to be able to read music, growing in technique which would then allow the student to expand in their repertoire of choice and expressivity. Whether the goal is to learn how to play a jazz/popular tune, or a Bach Sonata. 

  • Reading notes
  • Hand positioning and fingerings
  • Sound Production
  • Technical exercises to grow in agility and skill
  • Working on varied musical selections


  • Mcgill conservatory – 15 years (piano)
  • Vanier College – Music Interpretation
  • Concordia University – Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music (2000)
  • Concordia University – Graduate Diploma in Advanced Music Performance (2005)

Caribbean-Canadian-born vocalist and flautist Myrtle Thomas has been involved in vocal performance and the musical stage since childhood. Classically trained for 15 years in Piano through the McGill Conservatory and Vanier College, Ms. Thomas holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (2000) and Graduate Diploma in Advanced Music Performance Studies (2005) from Concordia University in classical flute. Myrtle began to explore in detail her vocal capabilities and technique nearing the end of her undergrad and during her Gr. Dip. Studies (2000-2007) through Concordia, the Jam Vocal School of Music, and private classical voice studies. A journey as a conductor and vocal coach, fueled by the participation in Gospel and classical choirs (1992 – present). 


Myrtle (aka LadyEm) is well-known for her versatility as a multi-instrumentalist, with the ability to bridge the gaps between Classical, Gospel, Jazz, and R&B styles which have given her many varied teaching, performance, and recording opportunities. From working with the Union Church Gospel Choir (2006-2018), the oldest black congregation in Canada (1907), animating musical activities and teaching violin to autistic students at the Giant Steps School (2013-2014) through the Viva Sistema program, to soloing in the roles of “The Other Woman” and a chorister for the L’Opera de Montreal (2014) premiere of Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess. In 2015 she returned to Montreal, Canada from two consecutive international World cruise tours where she operated as a ballroom vocalist, pianist, and flautist for Holland America Cruise Lines. 

Most recently:

In the last 2 years Myrtle Thomas has since, with much joy and freedom, re-engaged the music scene with renewed vigor and is a musical force to be reckoned with. In August 2017, performed Gershwin’s Porgy & Bess once again, this time with the l’Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal, and was recruited by casting of La Voix France to be on their show. She also joined the teaching staff at JAM Vocal School, became a piano instructor at Royal Vale Elementary, and took on the role as associate director of the River’s Edge Choir. In her creative and soulful vocal/flute performances and compositions, one can hear the influences of gospel, soul, jazz and pop music. Myrtle can be found gigging and jamming to the sounds of jazz, latin/soul fusion and ballroom with bands in the city such as the Montreal Twilight Band and Phil So Good Ensemble.

30 minutes: $22.50

45 minutes: $30.50

60 minutes: $37.50


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