Alisha – Voice


Alisha Ruiss square

Voice Instructor

  • Teaching: 10 yrs
  • Studio: Little Italy
  • Intersection: Jean Talon and de Gaspé
  • Metro: Jean-Talon, de Castlelnau
  • Bus: 55, 30, 92. 93
  • Languages: EN, FR
  • Lesson Options: In Studio, Online

Price per lesson

Level:  beginner, intermediate, advanced

My focus is to always look for the freest, healthiest sound, no matter the style. I have a classical voice performance degree from McGill but I now work mainly with musical theatre repertoire, light jazz & pop, focusing on technique and interpretation. 

  • Feel both comfortable yet challenged,
  • Learn the tools to become as self reliant as possible with regards to your voice and your artistic decisions.


  • Classical voice performance degree from McGill University
  • Private training/coaching in musical theatre with Elizabeth Koch, Susan Eichhorn Young and John Gilbert.

Having struggled a great deal with allergies, I have learned to use my voice in an optimal way no matter what my circumstances are, and I use this knowledge extensively with my students.  I’ve taught for around 10 years (more steadily for the last 5), maintaining a small number of students while working on other artistic endeavours.  My goal has always been for singers to become empowered to know their own voices and how to manage them, to seek the most efficient ways to create sound, and to become adept at self correction. 

Not currently offered.

Online video lessons available through Zoom.