Piano instructor

  • Teaching: 10 yrs
  • Studio: Surrey
  • Intersection: University Dr and 104 avenue.
  • Subway: Surrey Central Station
  • Languages: EN
  • Lessons options: online, at-home

Price per lesson

Level Taught:  beginner, intermediate, advanced

My personal approach is very open, depending on the student and what suits them best. I usually start out with visuals, no books no unnecessary distractions, only the important information that is essential to the student’s development.

Once I give the student the essential basis, we can then progress on to the book due to the fact that I believe the book of any can have too much information which can be overwhelming for the student and that’s why the student needs to feel at ease, know exactly what they are doing and learning and it makes it all the better for the teacher and the student.

Of course myself, I ask the student what is the best strategy for them and we both try to work something out that can benefit the both of us and where we can work in harmony because after all it is important that the teacher has a very strong communication and understanding of the student, therefore I think that talking and discussing and asking the student is very crucial for the success that awaits them in the future.


  • University Diploma in Jazz Studies
  • Bachelors degree of Education


I have been always passionate about my piano teaching. I started as early as 11 years old as a way to help my friends who were also very interested in music, I would tutor them for free and I enjoyed being able to do something nice for my friends but also give them something useful.

I started to teach private lessons later on as I got more professional and I by then had already a good experience in teaching so I can teach kids who are just bare beginners. I Have been someone who is very organized with myself because I have been in times where I had so much on the plate and I liked being able to be busy and yet maintain responsibility.

I always communicate with the student and I never ever want the student to feel pressure and If there is something that they have to ask or something does not work for them, we try to work it out and that’s just what I am all about because every student is unique and every student has their own special way to learn and handle situations.

Teaching is also a great therapy for me as it is always a pleasure to see kids grow into amazing musicians and being able to help them achieve their dreams and goals is just one of many great reasons why I love to be a piano teacher. I learn everyday but I also love to give knowledge to people, whether it is something small to someone who needs help, I genuinely enjoy working with people and being able to provide useful help.

I finished a University Diploma in Jazz Studies and am currently enrolled in a Bachelors degree of Education.

University Dr and 104 avenue.

Niko offers at-home lessons in the following locations:

Langley, Fleetwood area, Delta, Burnaby, White Rock.

* an additional 5$/per lesson add-on is charged for transportation. 

Online video lessons available

  • Zoom