piano lessons Surrey


  • Teaching: 6 yrs
  • Studio: Surrey
  • Skytrain: King George Station
  • Languages: EN, French, Mandarin
  • Lessons options: in-studio, online, at-home

Price per lesson

Level Taught:  beginner, intermediate, advanced

Ages: All – children, youths, adults, seniors.

Subjects: Classical, Popular

Teaching Approach and Lesson Topics:

Julie believes that persistence, hard work, and patience are the key to good results. The lessons she offers are based on years of experience in the classical music industry.

  • Her lessons are customized based on the student’s experiences and abilities.
  • Each lesson consists of constructive criticisms and a brief overview of previous materials.
  • From her lessons, students will learn how to read music, play with articulation, and express themselves fully through music.


Julie is a UBC student who has already received much success and acclaim for her performances.

To date her awards and prizes include a gold medal at the 2013 International Young Gifted Musicians Festival “Passion of Music” Competition in New York City followed by an award winners performance at Carnegie Hall. In the following year, she again performed at Carnegie Hall after winning first place at the American Protégé International Piano and Strings Competition

After completing her ARCT Diploma in piano performance, she went on to participate in a number of other competitions. Her most recent accomplishments include a bronze medal at the Pacific Rim International Music Festival, a second place in the Canadian Music Competition, and a gold medal at the Chinese Golden Bell Music Competition National Finals.

In her free time, Julie is an avid tennis player and enjoys spreading knowledge and joy through teaching.

Online video lessons available

  • Zoom