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Piano / Drums

  • Teaching: 22 yrs
  • Studio: East York / Scarborough
  • Subway: Victoria Park Station
  • Languages: EN, Greek
  • Lessons options: in-studio, online, at-home

Price per lesson

Level Taught Piano:  beginner, intermediate, advanced

Level Taught Drums: beginner

All ages: kids to seniors


  • Classical music
  • Jazz
  • Popular music


I’m always trying to motivate my students to music as a language and how they can make the printed notes alive in the context of phrasing with melodic questions and answers, and how the dynamics (balancing of loudness) & articulation can make our music sounding like a dialogue.

Rhythmic training, ear training combined with piano sight-reading and sight singing are so important for pupil in order to gradually develop the reading ability and expand repertoire as well as fine-tune the inner ear.

Most important element in my teaching is to motivate students in to practising with love and appreciation for the piano and the gift of music. Always I’m trying to approach the simplicity out of  complicated practising subjects in classical piano and even match it to my students’ learning abilities and personality.

As every student is different and every one learns in a different methodology, my job is to find the ways exclusively to each pupil in order to make them first enjoy the processes of learning music by making them being creative at their playing.

• Technically speaking, if I had to highlight in titles the subject curriculum those would be:
• Finger and hand position exercises along with scales, chord and arpeggios.
• Repertoire and Etude/Studies, lesson method books etc…
• Rhythmic, ear training and sight-singing.
• Keyboard Harmony.
• Improvisation and creativity ( for modern piano playing).
I’m generally a versatile piano instructor, I’m not  a conservative teacher, and my focus is first to influence my pupils becoming thirsty for that magical world of music art, language, science etc… by starting with the development of important fundamentals.


I have two Diplomas, one in piano performing and the other in piano education.

Graduated from the Glenn Gould Academy of the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, but also studied Composition, Orchestration and instrumentation Greece where I have four certificates in Theory, Harmony, Counterpoint and Fugue Composition.

Beside my classical training I was so interested and played from a really young age with bands professionally from 16 years old. I was also very interested in Jazz and studied that for years too as I loved the way of improvisation that comes from the strong mindset Harmony.

The last 22 years I’ve been an active instructor, performer, but also composing and producing my music.

I’m also a church choir director in Mississauga Ontario. I have composed music for theatrical teams and in one movie here I Toronto. I own a recording studio by name Studio MK-72 and the rest of the day that I’m not teaching I in my studio producing my music and for many other artists. I have taught music in nurseries, in Conservatories and music schools, in private lessons etc…

In 2006 and 2007 I took place in two National Completions in classical music in Greece where I did wan the first prize in both.
I have students they like to continue with because of my personality and my fun aspect of teaching and I enjoy my job of transferring my own knowledge and passion in music to the other generation.  I also have wonderful older students that I always accept because they love music and music gets a huge life meaning to their as it breaks the routine so creatively. For me music is a great gift.

Kostantinos offers at-home lessons in the following locations:

East York, North York, Toronto downtown and Scarborough.

* an additional 10$/per lesson add-on is charged for transportation. 

Online video lessons available

  • Zoom
  • Skype