In this video, we’ll work on the 9-Stroke Roll.

The 9 stroke roll is made up of 8 sixteenth notes followed by an accent.  The 16th notes are played with low tap stroke doubles and the accent uses the Moeller strike.

We’ll begin leading with the right hand at 90 bpm.  Think back to the mechanics of the long double stroke rolls from a previous video, in order to get your doubles sounding smooth.  Keep the movement of the doubles isolated in your wrists just like your tap strokes.  Feel the stick well aligned and moving freely inside your hand. In order to execute the strike, think up tap down, just like your 5 stroke roll.

Practise the 9 Stroke roll leading with the left hand.

Finally, work on alternating hands.  To switch hands, pull your wrist up to set yourself up to lead with the opposite hand.