Gabriel – Guitar & Ukulele


Guitar & Ukulele

  • Teaching: 3 yrs
  • Studio: Verdun
  • Metro: Verdun
  • Languages: EN, FR
  • Lessons options: in-studio, online

Price per lesson

Level Taught:  beginner, intermediate, advanced

Ages Taught: kids, teens, adults, seniors

Styles Taught: Jazz, Popular Music, Classical

  • Learn guitar rudiments by learning songs
  • Improvisation
  • Musical notation reading
  • Ukulele, Bass
  • Music theory & Composition

I think the best way to learn guitar and music is to integrate theory and technique as a part of song learning. Building repertoire is always a great source of motivation and as you dig deeper into the songs to understand their construction you get to learn much faster!


  • Bachelor of Music in Jazz Performance at McGill University (2020-now)
  • Certificate in “Interprétation et créations musicale” at Université de Sherbrooke (2020)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Popular Music Studies at Bishop’s University (2019)
  • Diploma of College Studies in Music at Cégep de Sherbrooke (2014)


  • I started to learn guitar at age 11, inspired by the popular music of the time such as Green Day which taught me my first “power chords”. Soon after, I discovered Classic Rock and Blues which was a real epiphany! The expressiveness and improvisation I heard in the Blues are still a major aspect of my playing to this day. After high school, I studied guitar at Cégep de Sherbrooke and my ears started to open up to new sounds: classical music, funk , heavy metal, prog-rock, etc. At the same time I started to get my first gigs teaching and playing ambiance music for corporate events. It is when I studied at Bishop’s University that I really got into jazz, a music that still inspires me to this day. While studying there I got more and more gigs and was able to land two teaching jobs right after I graduated. I am regularly performing in jazz duet, trio and quartet settings as well as with a rock band while I am still perfecting my craft at McGill University.
4ième Avenue, Verdun, H4G

Online video lessons available

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