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Felix - guitar lessons montreal in Verdun

Guitar Instructor/Music Theory

  • Teaching: 12 yrs
  • Studio: Verdun
  • Intersection: Beurling and Stephens
  • Metro: Monk, Jolicoeur
  • Bus: 112, 107, 108
  • Languages: EN, FR

Price per lesson

Level Taught:  beginner, intermediate, advanced

As a teacher, I believe that my role is to be a helpful companion on the musical journey of students. I know from experience that focusing on the fundamentals have proven incredibly helpful in developing the tools necessary to them becoming the musician they wish to be. Of course, everyone has a different spirit and I place a huge importance in adapting the way I teach and the information I give to the different personalities and desires of the people I teach to.


  • Guitar (Acoustic, electric, classical)
  • Technique
  • Understanding the instrument
  • Sound production
  • learning material
  • Jazz (any instruments)
  • Jazz guitar (repertoire, stylistic ideas, jazz language)


Musical Theory:

  • Ear training
  • Harmony
  • Composition
  • General musical theory
  • Rhythmic sophistication (sight reading, odd meters, polyrhythms)


  • Masters degree in jazz interpretation/composition (McGill university)
  • Bachelors in jazz interpretation (Université de Laval)
  • Cegep degree in music (Campus Notre-Dame de Foy – Saint-Augustin de Desmaures)
  • Classical studies in piano as a child
  • Started guitar at 11 years old
  • Played in bands since 15 years old

Félix Desbiens started playing piano at 6 years old, and was very passionate about it. He played his first concert a year later at the music school he went to, and loved the experience. He switched to guitar at 11 years old, and fell in love with the instrument. As a teenager, he was always playing in bands with friends in his hometown of Chicoutimi, sometimes performing live concerts at festivals that showcased the musical youth. At 19, he moved to Quebec city to do a cegep degree and then a bachelors in music. He was already teaching private students then. During his bachelor, he started working as a performing musician, both as a leader and a sideman. In 2013, he moved to Montreal because of his interest in the incredible jazz scene there. He played a lot of gigs in Montreal and around the province of Quebec, sometimes accompanying singers or instrumentalists, or taking part in cover band projects, other times performing with his own bands, playing his or his peers’ compositions, as well as jazz standards. In 2017, he started a masters degree in jazz performance and composition at McGill university, which was completed in 2019.

Felix Desbiens has taught in a variety of music schools, and also under his own name in both Québec and Montreal to all levels of students, and is passionate about sharing his love of music.

Beurling Street, Verdun Montreal QC H4H

Online video lessons available

  • Zoom
  • Skype
  • Face Time