Elijah Guitar


Guitar Instructor/Drums + Piano

  • Teaching: 9 yrs
  • Studio: Downtown
  • Intersection: René Lévesque and Amherst St
  • Metro: Berri-Uqam
  • Languages: EN, FR

Guitar Lessons:

Level: beginner, intermediate

Elijah teacher acoustic and classical guitar in a fun and systematic way.

  • Learn chords
  • Read notes and/or tabs
  • Learn proper finger positioning
  • Learn popular songs

Drum Lessons:

Level:  beginner, intermediate, advanced

Each lesson is tailored to the unique needs and interests of the student, so no one lesson is exactly the same. I believe that learning drums should be fun and students need to feel like what they are learning will help them reach their goals. Therefore, students never receive material that doesn’t directly help them in their unique musical journey.

  • Experience teaching all levels and ages
  • Learn technique (rudiments, stick gripping, moeller technique)
  • Learn various styles (rock, jazz, pop, funk, latin, heavy metal)
  • Read music
  • Understand rhythmic notation

Piano lessons:

Level: Beginner 

Elijah teaches piano to beginners and children.  He has experience teaching children as young as 4 years old and has the unique gift of make the process of learning music a real pleasure.  Elijah uses creative approaches that engage children such as games and using colours to help them learn the notes.

  • Learn the Alfred series
  • Learn music fundamentals
  • Read music
  • Understand rhythm
  • Develop creativity 
  • Learn with games

Elijah is a university-educated music professional with extensive experience for both teaching and musical performance.  Since completing his Bachelor of Music degree at Concordia University in 2010, he has played music across each province in Canada and in more than 20 countries around the world.   Elijah teaches private and group classes to students in the Montreal area. His greatest strength is his ability to bring out the inner creativity of each student and transform the learning process of music into a real pleasure! 

Elijah Has studied drum-set extensively with master teachers such as Bruce Becker (L.A.)  Chris Mcann, Wali Muhammad, Max Sansalone and Jacob Kaye. Each one of these teachers has instilled in him different areas of knowledge that he now uses in his private lessons.  Most importantly, Elijah understands the process of learning and patiently helps his students understand the most effective way to achieve their goals. Elijah is also great with teaching children.


Integrative Music Studies – Jazz Specialization – Concordia University 2005-2010

30 minutes: $21.50

45 minutes: $28.50

60 minutes:  $35.50

Online video lessons available.


Elijah has been teaching my 3 children (ages 10,9 and 7) for a total of 4 years now (we started with one child and later, 2 more siblings followed with now my fourth is waiting for her turn). As a parent, what I LOVE about Elijah is his open spirit. He engages and teaches the children music that THEY choose and like. He also encourages them to sing the songs with the music. My children love the lessons and recitals and for me, as a parent, that means a lot.


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