Rock Band: Level 1

Class Details:


Dates:  September 10 – December 17, 2019

Class day and time: Mondays or Thursdays from 19:30 – 21:30 

Location:  1236 Amherst

Level: Beginner 

Price: $450 (14 sessions + concert)

Instructor: Sergio

Instruments: guitar, bass, drums, piano, voice

Class size: 3-6 participants

Class description: this is a beginner level, introductory course on rock band performance for adults.  Students will have the opportunity to learn and build repertoire accompanied by fellow musicians.  If you are looking to learn how to play rock music in a fun and relaxed environment this course if for you.  Song selections will include but not be limited to:  The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Police and much more. A fun and casual showcase performance at the end of the session will allow you to present what you’ve learned to friends and family.

About the Instructor:

My name is Sergio D’Isanto. I studied at the Music Conservatory of Perugia (in Italy- you know that country that’s shaped like a boot?) specializing in classical percussions, I developed a rigorous work ethic and a solid foundation that I am able to pass on to my students. See his teacher profile page:

Class Location: