Sergio Drums


Drum Instructor

  • Teaching: 10 yrs
  • Studio: Villeray
  • Cross Street: St-Denis – Jean-Talon
  • Metro: Jean-Talon
  • Bus: 30, 31, 56, 55, 93
  • Languages: EN, FR

Level Taught: beginner, intermediate, advanced (all ages)

I have been cultivating my passion for drums for 15 years through formal study, professional work and through teaching the instrument with great enthusiasm for a decade already. I am also trained in Ensemble percussions and Body Percussions which I teach as well. 

Musical Styles: I cover a wide array of musical styles in my personal and professional projects. I am well versed in rock, funk, blues, jazz, swing, samba and bossa nova. 


Education: Music Conservatory of Perugia – specialization in classical percussions

My name is Sergio D’Isanto and I look forward to accompanying you in deepening your musical knowledge of or discovering drums thanks to my eclectic and colourful musical universe, which spans many years of experience. Having studied at the Music Conservatory of Perugia (in Italy- you know that country that’s shaped like a boot?) specializing in classical percussions, I developed a rigorous work ethic and a solid foundation that I am able to pass on to my students.


Every year, I perfect my craft by attending various Masterclasses, through which I have had the honour to study with, among others, Billy Kilson, John Arnold and Christian Mayer. Throughout my career, I have also gained significant teaching experience both in Italy and in Montreal giving classes in public and private schools. Supporting students in their musical learning and teaching drums at all levels is a great joy for me.

Current projects:

Presently, I play in various musical projects/groups such as Les Royal Pickles, Daniela Fiorentino, Croche Blanche, La Maschera, The Steady Swagger, El Son Sono, Ensemble Percussions for the Disney Channel and Tetraktis Percussion, to name a few that I am particularly fond of. Go and have a look, they are worth discovering!

30 minutes: $23.50

45 minutes: $31.50

60 minutes: $39.00

Online video lessons available.


9:00 – 19:00

9:00 – 19:00

9:00 – 13:00

9:00 – 18:00pm

9:00 – 13:00pm

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