Interview with Alex Lioubimenko

I had the pleasure of Interviewing Alex Lioubimenko on Friday evening at my music studio.  I was impressed by his passion and devotion to music since the young age of 6 years old.  Alex was drawn toward an ad for a piano teacher.  He insisted that his parents sign him up for lessons and drive him week after week to his lesson.  He began learning classical piano but then switched to jazz in his teenage years.  He eventually decided to pursue a career in music and studied at Vanier College and then Mcgill University where he hone his craft.  Alex has toured around the world with the Freddie James Project and currently leads his own band Algorhythm.


Alex is a freelance pianist and teacher living in DDO in the West Island of Montreal.  He holds a Bachelor’s in jazz performance at McGill Schulich School of Music in 2018.  For more information about Alex and to study with him, visit Alex L. Piano.