Should I buy a Piano or Keyboard for home? What is a Hybrid Piano?

piano keyboard or hybrid?

When someone in the family wants to start piano lessons, the question comes up; Should I buy an acoustic piano or a digital keyboard for home practice? What is a hybrid piano? Let’s address some common questions about this. About Musiprof Thank you for reading our blog article, “Piano or Keyboard? Which to buy?” Musiprof is a […]

Where to buy a piano in Toronto?

Where to buy a piano in Toronto - Featured

Are you searching for where to buy a piano in Toronto?  Specifically, you’re wanting to enter a showroom where you can play and test many pianos before buying? Here are some stores with pianos on display to play. During this pandemic, call the store first to make an appointment before going onsite. Here is a […]

How to choose the Best Electronic Drum Set for your Needs (2022)

electronic drum set

Wondering if you should buy an e-drum kit for stay-home practice?  This article helps explain how to choose the best electronic drum set for your needs, and provides some links to purchase online. By Srikanth Narayanan with expert help from Toronto drummer Jinu Isaac. My recommendation is the Alesis Nitro Mesh ($550CAD);  (USA: Alesis Nitro Mesh […]