Todd – Bass – Ukulele – Guitar – Piano


leçon basse, leçon ukulélé

bass / ukulele / guitar / piano

  • Teaching: 2 yrs
  • Studio: Plateau Mont-Royal , Laurier-Est
  • Metro: Mont-Royal
  • Languages: EN, FR
  • Lessons options: in-studio, online

Price per lesson

Level Taught:  Bass + Ukulele:  beginner, intermediate, advanced

Guitar + Piano : beginner

Ages: All – children, youths, adults, seniors.

Subjects:  Jazz, Popular

Teaching Approach and Lesson Topics:

Above all, the goal is to have fun! My mission is to help you enjoy your instrument.

For me it is important as a teacher to reach the objectives set by the student. If the student wants to play a certain piece, I will adapt my lessons to help him/her reach his/her goal.

Music is a package deal. In addition to the practice of our instrument, certain techniques and theoretical notions are sometimes necessary to be able to reach our objectives.

You will see, music is not as complicated as it may seem. We can very quickly get to enjoy ourselves :)

Education:   Université de Montreal – Bacc. en Jazz

Born from a musician father, I have always been rocked by the rhythm of music.

I started by learning the piano and then the drums before choosing the bass as my main instrument.

However, I learned to play guitar and ukulele in parallel.

After 3 years of training in music, I entered the University of Montreal in Jazz.

When I graduated I released my first jazz fusion album entitled “Insulaire – Infused Elements”. I then started composing electronic music on iPad and Computer.

Today I have a new album project in progress called “Abondance” & I teach music in general.

Not currently offered.

Online video lessons available

  • Zoom
  • Skype
  • Face Time


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